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Loofah is usually only used as a dishwashing sponge. Therefore, everyone is surprised to know that they can also do the following “unthinkable” things.
Loofah is the intestine of an old melon fruit. This fiber is often very hard and coarse, so it cannot be used for anything but washing dishes. But recently, some scientists have discovered many special uses of loofah, causing the whole world to hunt for this “waste” of Vietnam.
Cure hemorrhoids, constipation, bloody stools
In Oriental medicine, loofah is often called ty qua peanut, has a sweet taste, is neutral, has the effect of hemostasis, meridians, antispasmodic, promotes measles, diuretic, cures hemorrhoids, and blood out. . Therefore, for a long time, Southeast Asian countries have known to take advantage of loofah to treat constipation, bloody stools and especially hemorrhoids. To do that, people take old loofah, shaved off the skin and grilled on charcoal. After seeing that the loofahs were yellow, they began to decoct them with some black ginseng leaves. This water is divided to drink about 3 times in a day, done regularly can help laxative, reduce pain.
With just this simple ingredient, the evil hemorrhoids are also quickly destroyed.
Cure clogged milk
This is probably one of the most common symptoms in mothers of young children. Although not too dangerous, this also has a significant impact on the health of the mother and the baby. Therefore, to limit this undesirable situation, it is best to use a loofah, boil with ten prickly locusts and a fresh onion. You use decoction to drink twice a day, continuously for 2-3 days, the situation will be significantly improved.
Hemostatic Hemostasis
Since ancient times, traditional medicine has known to use loofah as a simple remedy to help the body clear heat and stop bleeding. According to the publication, loofah after being burned into charcoal can help stop bleeding very well. In addition, the old grandparents also used loofah to treat blood clots, heat in the body, weak spleen and kidneys, etc. You should keep some loofah in the house along with the spirit, the cholera, the zucchini peel, the seeds of the mind. Drink to prevent the above symptoms in an emergency.
Remember this remedy right away if you accidentally bleed or have heat in your body!
Cure asthma
Another great use of loofah is to help treat asthma and breathing problems in people with respiratory problems. Not only in Vietnam, other Asian countries, especially China, have known to take advantage of loofah to treat asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath … This method is also extremely simple, people chop about approx. a handful of cleaned and yellowed loofah. Then, use the seeds of jute vegetables (long-fruited jute) to crush and then copy them. Finally, you mix these two ingredients and drink it while it is still hot. Just need to drink twice a day and maintain it regularly for about 3 days, you will immediately see miraculous results.
People with asthma now do not need to worry too much because there is a remedy from loofah.
Treatment of rheumatic pain
For the elderly, loofah also works great in treating ventricular pain extremely effectively. Just take the sharp fiber with the roots of loofah, pine needles, and Pills to drink three times a day. This remedy is both easy to take and very effective. More importantly, they do not bring side effects and make the body uncomfortable like other remedies.
Even intractable back pain isn’t a problem with tiny loofahs.
With this simple ingredient, every family can equip themselves with extremely effective remedies but the price is very affordable. They are not picky about the object of use and can cure many different diseases, so there will certainly be times when you need to use this rustic material. Keep some loofah at home, if not used for treatment, you can still use them to clean dishes or make cotton swabs.

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